Digital Media Leaves Industries in the Dust

It’s 8:15am on a Wednesday morning, I’m yet to arrive at work and I already know that 12 dangerous inmates have escaped from Alabama prison and Cristiano Ronaldo faces a Spanish court regarding tax allegations. How? Snapchat Discover told me.

Meanwhile, my dad has sent me a text saying that Nick Riewoldt has announced retirement, sorry dad, but that happened 24 hours ago.

Is my dad slow to keep up or has digital media made it impossible for newspapers around the country to stay relevant?

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.09.56 PM
Breaking News – JFK Dead

We now live in a scroll society, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they’re all the same. Has anyone noticed, breaking news happens on Facebook and Twitter, by the time the 6pm News on Channel 9 arrives it’s still as equally shocking, but it is almost feels a little old.

By the time the Newspapers write articles, have it printed overnight and delivered to shops at 5am, the news has been covered, and people are on to the next big story.

This drastic shift in content and information delivery, from back in the day having a cuppa on a Sunday morning while flicking through the Age. To today, passing time by tapping through Snapchat news like a zombie on a train.

Have our expectations gone too far, or do traditional platforms like newspaper, radio and TV need to try to stay relevant to the new age of consumer?


15 thoughts on “Digital Media Leaves Industries in the Dust

  1. I feel like technology has definitely changed the way we read and receive current news. However whilst I personally feel newspapers are slightly unnecessary, I bet my parents disagree. I feel like things such as tv, newspapers and radio will always be around for a little while, but i definitely think the newspaper is slowly going to disappear as more and more people rely on social media or other online platforms to find current news. I think its down to accessibility too. I know my grandad buys the newspaper, watches the news every night and listens to the radio. For him the idea of using his phone for this is ridiculous and too hard.

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    1. Could not agree more, it is very unlikely our generation would spend $2.30 on a newspaper, but will 100% pay $16 on Avo Smash from a cafe. Is there anyway newpapers will survive over the next 10 to 15 years? I feel they are getting left behind very quickly.


  2. I definitely agree with you! Technology has definitely started a shift in the way consumers consume advertisements, news and other information. However, I feel as though traditional platforms need to integrate the new changes in modern society. For example, a lot of newspaper companies now have major online presence.

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  3. I think that in about 30-40 years newspapers will be obsolete (or even sooner). Once the people that enjoy reading the Sunday paper pass on, the younger generations will not buy the newspaper because we have all the news on our phones. All we have to do is swipe right on our phones and we have the top news stories straight away. I know that newspapers are trying to compete with this by providing online subscriptions, but it does not feel as instant as top news stories and snapchat discover


    1. Exactly right! The days of paper are fading away. Which is very weird to think about. In our generation, we are already seeing the industries go. What will be next?


  4. Technology and social media applications have definitely changed the way people, in particular millennials discover and process information. I think in order for traditional platforms to stay relevant, they need to try and keep up with society. Some have already taken this step by improving their online presence, although I cant say this will help the case of print media!

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    1. Absolutely some have moved in the right direction. But I don’t think businesses making people pay for news online is going to work without no exclusive access to other sites. The Herald Sun charges around $1 a day.


  5. It is so true that social media delivers information faster thatn traditional platform and people nowsaday more likely to update information on internet, online newspaper and SNS rather than wait for newspaper. Thus, I guess traditional plaform especially printed newspaper would last for 20-30 years.

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    1. Yes, we have become consumed by news on social media and there is no way you can miss it now. Like how hard is it to go on social media without seeing a spoiler of a show or some new breakthrough in technology before any print news.

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  6. Interesting and so relevant! The same thing happens to me daily when I have heard the news 6+ hours before my parents have on the radio or TV for example. It definitely seems to be a generational thing too. And technology seems to be changing our mindsets as well, as we scroll through news like zombies as you mentioned! Somehow, printed newspapers need to find a way to keep up to pace online fast, or else they won’t exist very soon unfortunately.

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    1. Yeah i think our parents are very similar. I have to mention that our generation is also so used to hearing about such dramatic news so often that we are sort of becoming immune to the horrors of this world because if happens so often and everything get reported on. It would be said to see print disappear. It won’t surprise me if it becomes a once a month issue, like magazines where they report in depth about stories over the previous month.


  7. Hey! good article you’ve written here! I might have to disagree with you on this though, although i admit that digital media heavily disrupted traditional media sources such as newspaper and television, however, newspaper will always be relevant due to the large focus on QUALITY journalism and people also tend to TRUST sources from newspaper as compared to that from social media feeds from facebook.

    Therefore i think that traditional media will not be obsolete. However, those traditional media companies have to adapt to the digital age and try not to lose too much market share.

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    1. I love that you disagree, means we can discuss our points. I agree that people want quality and trustworthy news and a lot of the news on Snapchat and Facebook isn’t quite there.
      However, traditional media will need to find a way to stay up to speed and provide it at a faster rate. Creating online sites with updates throughout the day is the only way they will be able to ensure relevance for the next generation.
      Love your view on the issue though!


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