The more you eat, the more you fart

The title will make sense later, I promise.

Anyway, now I’ve got your attention, I thought we’d talk about advertisement.

When I think of an advertisement, I think of a product and price being displayed, with a voice over explaining or sort of shouting about the exclusive features that the product has to offer. How very boring and mind numbing.

As Ajaz Ahmed said “The best advertising, isn’t advertising”

When I watched the video below, I didn’t hear a price nor a brand name, in fact, I didn’t even see the product. I heard a story, a thought provoking story.

The unique font and crisp visual display all tied together with the majestic voice over, made me immediately associate the video with Apple. A mere 5 seconds. For 5 seconds they showed the iconic Apple symbol and the words “Shot on iPhone”.

They have been to show only 5 seconds of brand content due to years and years of similar advertisements. Continually reminding us of the content that can be created and the experiences that can be had while using the iPhone, through, of course, a storytelling style.

Now for the title relevance.

Just a week ago, Heinz made the brave decision to re-package its well-known “Heinz Beans”.  In the wake of this small rebrand, Heinz have created a heartwarming story about how Baked Beans created a family for a fictional character, Geoff! Worth a watch!

Have ads gone too far?

Or have advances in technology allowed for marketers to create refreshing ads in the style of stories?

What ads have caught your eyes?

Let me know!


17 thoughts on “The more you eat, the more you fart

  1. Great title ! I don’t think ads have gone too far at all. I like that brands are taking a more interesting approach to their marketing. A story helps people feel more emotionally connected to the brand which is only a plus. For example in the first video you embedded, it made me think about all the potential shots I can get with my iPhone and how I can be more creative with my photography. This emotional reaction is far more effective than me just ignoring another “normal” ad that yells out various specs.
    Great Post 🙂

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    1. I am glad you didnt get offended haha! I completely agree! I loved both those ads, one was absolutely picturesque and the other truly heart warming, and also made me feel like baked beans! The Apple one really made me feel like exploring and appreciating the world we are in while capturing those moments! Glad you liked the post!

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  2. I don’t think ads have gone too far at all! I find it really refreshing seeing an ad that is different and tells a story, they always grab my attention for being clever! The ad that caught my eye was the rhonda and ketut ads for AAMI insurance! They were so unique and funny, and I think everyone loved them! Really good read 🙂

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! The story ads like the beans one get me good! The ones that capture emotion that isn’t frustration and annoyance are so refreshing!! Ahhhhh rhondaaaa! So funny! Thanks for your comment!

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  3. I agree with the previous comments! I really enjoyed watching these ads! Their way of telling a story to inform you about a new brand/product is what really differentiates them from other ads, which are more direct when promoting their products. These ads really elicited emotions and triggered curiosity, which I think is what really draws us to our favourite brands! Great post!

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    1. Monica, i have to agree with you, i think i watched both these ads about 4 times each! Do you think technological advances have made it easier to make ads like this?


  4. Love the title! 😀 I like other don’t think ads have gone too far, in fact I find it refreshing when ads are humorous or different! I’m sick of the same old boring ads with products, by actually showing what the product does, (not what it looks like) you can influence consumers to buy your products more. I think the growth of technology has been extremely beneficial allowing marketers to be more creative and not just do ads with actual people in them but cartoons and special effects! Overall making adverts much more interesting! Even though its not exactly a story ad- the best advert I think I’ve ever seen/remembered was the Carlton draught “its a big ad”. Its literally so good!

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    1. Happy with your approval of the title haha! Same here, the Beans ad felt like a short film which is why i thought id get peoples opinion on it. That Carlton Draught ad is absolutely amazing! Love that ad! Do you think technology has allowed these ads to get better and more creative? Or is it just a new phase of advertising?

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      1. Yeah I agree! I think its allowed marketers to create more amazing and creative ads, and theres more and more these days coming out, however I wouldn’t say its a new phase just because there are still plenty boring traditional ads still out there! Hopefully more marketers begin to take the more exciting path with their adverts.

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      2. I think marketers are beginning to realise we hate ads but we love story time! I feel apple has always had the approach of creating a storey through their products, so we are so used to it that now they dont need say anything about it. But i feel for other companies, if they jump straight into a story ad and dont mention the product, you can become very confused! I wish we could report ads and say they are no good!

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  5. I think advertisements have become more creative due to the need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. I have found advertisements within podcasts to be particularly creative, as marketers have realised that developing those longer term relationships with customers is more important than imparting the key facts about the product. Personally I love ads such as the Heinz one!


  6. Your title draws my attention! 🙂 Personally, I like the ads that are interesting and with a sense of humour.
    I enjoy watching the ads that tell a story, just like the one that you show us! I know Thailand always have this kind of ad to promote their brand! Although the ad is long, the story is really touching and I just keep watching it again and again! I think it is a good way to promote services or products through story telling! And it will stay long in consumers’ memory!

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    1. Thats what its there for, wasnt sure if it would scare or attract people! I completely agree! The baked beans on has got me; I was in the shop tonight, looking for the new product!
      For me, its the emotion that it draws from me, the apple one reminds me of traveling and embracing life and the Heinz makes my tummy crave baked beans on toast and of course family!


  7. The first company that came to my mind while I was reading your blog post was Qantas! Qantas does such amazing, emotional ads that really get your attention. They always create stories of families who are apart for periods of time and at the end show them come together which shows the real purpose of Qantas. Ads with just a brand logo, product price and characteristics are not memorable hence why I think stories are more catchy 🙂

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    1. Yes, this is so true, remember those ads years ago with the children in white singing in the Alice Springs, a little patriotic but was quite stunning. I agree, stories create a lot of emotion to the consumer, even if your not a consumer yet. Thanks for the comment!


  8. I love the approach that apple has taken on in the ad that you showed. identifying that the earth wont last forever and that the beauty of our environment should be explored and preserved. Apple did a great job here providing a product to assist in the maintenance of a priceless part or earth

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    1. You really get the idea of what you receive when you have an Apple product when you watch their ads! Yes the idea about enjoying what we have while capturing the beauty on earth is really cool! Do you think it makes a difference that they use consumers personal imagery in their ads?


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