come fly with me

We all love a holiday, but the thought of forking up a large sum of our pay slip, all at once, then having to live on two-minute noodles for the next fortnight, doesn’t sit well.

We all have that one dream, where we walk on to a plane, sit there for a while, and walk off, no money spent. Well at least I’ve had that dream.

Now you can! Fly free!


Ok, I lied. Not quite, but there is something very similar.

Jetstar has unveiled Afterpay to their consumers. I was recently told about this payment method that allows consumers to pay in installment post purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.54.09 AM

The idea of the service on Jetstar is that book your flights, go on your sweet little holiday, and pay in 4 simple installments post purchase/experience. Sounds almost too good to be true. Well, sort of!

The terms and conditions that everyone forgets to read have a few rules that makes the experience a little more complicated, but nothing that will stop people from using it.

  • Must book 8 weeks in advance
  • The experience comes with a $10 service fee
  • Only domestic flights, costing between $200-$1000
  • Late payment fees apply

Is this an impressive way to get younger consumers on board, or just another gimmick?

Have you used AfterPay on shopping sites, if so, how was the experience?


22 thoughts on “come fly with me

  1. I think that Afterpay is a good method in its own way. It surely attracts businesses, cause I read in an article before, that afterpay users spend up to 25% more than average shoppers. But from a user’s perspective, I don’t quite like the idea of it. This is because paying post-purchase encourages a ‘live in the moment and face the consequences later’ mentality and can increase the tendency for impulse purchases. Which leads to the behaviour of buying stuffs that we don’t actually need. But other than that, I also think that it’s a good idea for people who really needs that method to pay. Great post 👍🏻

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    1. I couldnt agree more. I think this promotes young people to pretend to live a life they cant actually afford. I think if we are using after pay we are using after pay, we shouldn’t be buying the product or service at all!
      Great for businesses though! Thanks for your insight!


  2. Afterpay is a really great payment initiative! Since you’re not charged interest it entices more people, especially students who may not have the ability to pay for everything upfront. Personally I am not sure I would ever use it, I am not keen on the idea of “owing” a company money plus I am forgetful and would most definitely forget to pay an instalment. However, for things like flights I think it is useful and might encourage people to travel more. Great title by the way!

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    1. Yeah the title is defiantly the best part of this post. Only reason i posted it. Yeah i think its a good idea if you have money coming in, but you can’t for some reason pay for it straight up.
      It makes me feel that kids now days have the ability to live beyond their means. Today you can buy clothes and pay in instalments because you can’t afford them straight up. Go to Byron Bay, pay later.
      The future self can worry about that. Don’t think it is going to end well.
      Thanks Em!


  3. Hey! Another great post from you! I never tried Afterpay before and I am not familiar with this topic, so thanks for sharing this blog post and I feel like this new function is really cool!

    It is interesting to see how businesses are now using this kind of new gimmick to attract consumers.

    Personally, I think this new function could attract younger consumers. Like us as uni students, we may not have a lump sum to pay for our travel, if the fees could separate into 4 simple installments, that will be very convenient for us!

    However, the businesses may have the opportunities to lose money as some of the travellers may just forget to pay the remaining amount of money and create bad debt in the company!

    Pls comment on my latest blog post:

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    1. Thanks so much, I’ll get around you new blog today!

      I agree with you, it sounds so good for the consumer, but also allows consumers to possibly live a life they can’t afford and deal with the consequences at a later date.

      For Jetstar, the share price went up 9% after they released this, I hope it doesn’t plummet due to the bad debt.

      I think if it could be incorporated in a way that is going to keep the consumers free from buying beyond their means, it could be really useful. Obviously this won’t happen, because late fees means more money.

      Thanks again!


  4. I have been tempted to use AfterPay before on items that have been too expensive. Once you see the price per installment, I feel subconsciously you are more likely to pursue the purchase as the number no longer seems so intimidating. I have heard positive things about AfterPay from friends who have made big purchases yet haven’t had to fork out their entire pay cheque for it. I think it provides a good alternative and especially with air flights where people always want to fly somewhere and don’t want to pay large amounts, it provides an ease of mind that smaller installments are a good alternative so you dont have to live off two-minute noodles for a few weeks

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    1. Thats really interesting, do you think something like this then allows people to live beyond their means? Hard question, but i feel if you cant afford it you shouldnt be buying it. Its obviously working then if you and your friends have tried it or its made you consider a purchase more. Thanks for the comment!


  5. Personally I don’t like afterpay- it’s like credit cards, an easy way to spend money you don’t have only to realise you can’t pay something back and it just gets worse. I get that the flights would be good because hey maybe you can’t go home to visit your family because you don’t have the money right now but you can pay it later- that’s nice but I think it’s just such a risky thing that people can do! I guess it’s your own personal decision and you should know if you have the money to pay it back or not. But I don’t personally use it 🙂

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    1. Completely agree, just giving young people another opportunity to get in debt at an early age. It is obviously exciting for a lot of people who want to get a flight and pay later, but people who don’t have the money and do it, just a recipe for disaster. Thanks Rebecca!


  6. I personally have never used Afterpay as I don’t like the consequences of not being able to afford the repayments. If I can’t afford to purchase something out right then I can’t afford it in the first place. It’s quite interesting that Jetstar has enabled Afterpay for their domestic flights and it will definitely convince those younger/less financially stable consumers that they should just do it and pay it of later.. But it’s not as easy as that, is it? On the other hand, if you are 100% sure you will be able to afford the repayments or they are not significantly large, then why not treat yourself? 🙂

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    1. I agree, its smart of Jetstar to attract those consumers who once could afford the payment outright but now might be entitled to pay the repayments from their pay checks. Do you think it sort of makes people more entitled to do things that can’t afford? Thanks for the comment!


  7. I have never used Afterpay but I think it is a really good way for companies to convince consumers to buy their product even they don’t have the exact money at the time. For me, I would never use it because I don’t really enjoy paying debts and paying for things in little installments is a bit annoying. Jetstar would be targeting students I think with this type of payment, however if you add up all the extra costs you have to think about it might not be worth it! Really good post 🙂

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    1. Couldnt agree more. The thought of debt, hex debt 😣 makes me sad!
      Defiantly a way to get young people involved, but could be a terrible start for them after school! Pretty smart of Jetstar to differentiate themselves slightly, always good to have an option others dont. Who knows what might be next, connecting your payslip maybe, then theres no way of hiding! Thanks for the comment!

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  8. in theory this method of payment could be great for customers as the idea of pay as you go makes traveling more affordable. However, the limiting factor of it only being to domestic flights is a little disappointing, despite the obvious financial risks to the company if allowing overseas flights. In practice I think people will still use this method of payment but it may entice consumers into a purchase that they cannot afford, eg down the track something comes up and they are short on money users could find themselves getting hit with a late payment fee. I guess you would just have to be well budgeted, not something for me 😥

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    1. Yes, defiantly agree with you, in theory it should allow a lot more people to travel, even if it is just interstate! It does however, have the potential to introduce people to debt at an earlier age. Imagine if they introduced this is restaurants? Would be interesting to see how consumers react! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  9. I have to say I thought this was genius on Jet Star’s behalf until I read the terms and conditions.
    The fact that you can only use afterpay on domestic flights, costing between $200-$1000 doesn’t sit well with me. That amount of money is typically the amount that someone would be able to afford without needing afterpay. I think it would be more appropriate for international flights which are more expensive
    Putting those thoughts aside though its a great idea to get younger people to use the airline so props to them for getting on board
    Great Read 🙂

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    1. Couldn’t agree more with the fact that it would be great if they did it for international flights, because often the domestic ones are pretty well priced any way! There are a few terms and conditions that make me question the purpose of it. Might take off (pardon the pun) in a couple of years!


  10. I think this is a smart way for Jetstar to get younger consumers on board however the terms and conditions can trip people up. As for AfterPay, I haven’t used it on shopping sites purely based on the fact that if I can’t afford it now the like hood of me affording it later is also pretty low. Great post!

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