What else can I eat?

When we were kids, the word Amazon, simply reminded use of both one of the world largest rivers, where some of the most dangerous animals lived. Now, that same word represents something much scarier.


Scares me in the sense that everywhere we turn, the word ‘Amazon’ continues to appear. But more terrifying and more destructive than ever before. I talk about Amazon as an animal, because that’s the way they behave. It ate Whole Foods early this year, it is looking to come and breed here in Australia, continues to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Google and Wall Mart and now it looks to create its mark another space of the market.

This week, 11Amazon has announced that they will be teaming up with Olo! Olo is an online ordering system, similar to Menulog. They already have 60 million users, hundreds of restaurants and a whopping 40,000 location in the US.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.46.00 PM

Let that sink it! Amazon already have Whole Food locations as the palm of their hands, now add hundreds of restaurants and thousands of locations, will every other company feel like the little dog?


This leaves me with a sinking filling, that companies like Deliveroo, UberEats and our classic pizza delivery who are starting to establish themselves within the Australian market, maybe just be a little puppy. Imagine, Amazon comes to Australia and teams up with Menlo? Ridiculous!

What on earth will to these companies do when a global leading company like Amazon enter their precious space?

Will Amazon control our online lives soon or is there still a chance for other business?

On a different note, will many homeware stores will 1survive when Amazon arrives in Australia?


12 thoughts on “What else can I eat?

  1. So does Amazon already do this in another country? To be honest I have never heard of this before!! I realise that Amazon is coming to Australia but didn’t know that they are going to head into the food category as well! I guess the smaller companies like UberEats or Deliveroo will have to differentiate themselves somehow and offer special, maybe personalised, services for the consumers! Considering Amazon is such a huge company maybe they won’t be able to control the small details and that’s how they will fail in this category? In regards to Bricks and Mortar shops, I think they aren’t going anywhere for a long time! A lot of consumers simply prefer to go into the store to ‘try on/test’ the product before buying! Interesting read!

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    1. Yeah i didnt really know a lot about this space either, they entered the restaurant delivery space in 2015 but hadn’t really made their make as of yet, hence them joining with Olo is a pretty big step forward!
      I think consumers love a lot of brick and mortar shops, but how could shops like JB-Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman survive once Amazon arrives?


  2. I think Amazon will definitely change retail in Australia, we will see alot of business disappear when they arrive which is sad but its kind of inevitable. I think as Aneta says it will force businesses to offer more personalised and special services to their customers-but whether this will be economically successful for them I’m not sure. I don’t think they’ll entirely take over our online shopping however they will definitely be top dog and it’ll be hard competition for other businesses-I think it’ll force them to work hard to gain customer or fail, it will put off many people from starting new businesses which is sad because I personally hate it when big companies take over. Interesting blog!

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    1. Its pretty distressing to think of the number of business that will disappear. Further the number of business that wont enter the market at all! It may just open the door for innovators to think even further outside the tiny box we call normal!
      Big businesses are the worst! Thanks for the read and comment! 😊

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  3. Hey! Great post from you again!
    I agree with what others reply. Maybe the small companies need to provide more personalised shopping experiences to the consumers to establish a well CRM between the brand the customers because there is a huge competition between businesses.

    When Amazon comes to Australia, I think not many of the homeware stores will survive, Amazon could offer us anything. It is efficient and easy for us to use. This is why JB-HiFi could easily disrupt from this new market.

    Pls see my latest post:

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    1. Thank you!! I completely agree, theres going to be a massive disruption in the market place and its going to be interesting to see if JB chnages their online presence to adjust in the new market!
      JB-HI-FI just purchased The Good Guys, so they may be in a bit of strife!


  4. Amazon coming to Australia is going to have a huge impact on the online retail industry! I had no idea they were also involved in the food industry, they are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with when they come to Australia. However with that being said, sometimes these global brands don’t always thrive as well in Australia as they do in other countries, so it will be interesting to see what happens when they come here! Great post!

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    1. Oh really? What brands are those?
      Not only will they have an impact to the online world, but the physical stores like JB and Target, think these places will struggle! It would be scary if they entered the food industry here as well! Great for consumers but scary for businesses! Thanks for the comment 😊😊!


  5. Really interesting post! I also wasn’t fully aware of all the industries Amazon is planning to disrupt, including the food industry too! I think Australian brands or smaller businesses will really have to differentiate themselves effectively, and retain brand loyalty from their consumers as much as possible to limit the influence Amazon can have. Utilising more personalised shopping experiences, including implementing augmented reality may be one way smaller brands can remain relevant and influential for consumers.

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    1. Yup, bit scary how spread out they are across different markets! It will be cool to see how companies change to say in the forefront of consumers minds. I think we have seen Woolworths and Coles adjust to Aldi’s invasion on the Australian market. With a strong loyalty program and the prices are down phenomenon! Thanks for the comment!


  6. Great Post! These days it seems like google is always one step behind Amazon which is scary because Google is well…Google!
    I think the only chance Australian businesses have is if Amazon isn’t adopted well by Australians when it reaches our shores. Amazon is too big and too powerful at the moment and they are blowing all their competition out of the water

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    1. I know, who would have thought that Google could ever been seen as smaller then someone else! Amazon has invested a lot of money over the years and it seems to be paying dividends now!

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