A Mans Best Friend

Dogs. The loving animal we make bizarre names for, talk in ridiculous voices to, only to make their head turn side to side for our own selfish enjoyment

The same dog we throw the ball for, go for walks with, and try to keep fed and healthy And don’t forget, the same dog we clean up after💩💩! 


These same fury friends can now be tracked on their amount of sleep, walkiesss, and their general wellbeing. Yep you guessed it, there’s Fitbit but even better for your loveable doggies!

Waggit (owned by Mars Australia) has officially launched the collar of all collars! A smart collar. With its primary objectives to track our dog’s vital signs, general movements and sleep quality and to tell early signs if your dog is sick. All of which is meant to provide a great insight into our dog’s health.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.43.13 PM

To me, this is crazy! I mean I love my dog, but I don’t think I’ll be spending $249 plus $4.95 a month for a service fee. No thank you!

Mars Australia don’t only own the Waggit, but they are the leading competitor of the Pet Food Industry in Australia. They hold a whopping 44.1% of the $1.7 billion industry.

Interesting, so all that information about our dogs will being directly to Mars. Will they take other data with their GPS tracking ability?

What does this mean for dog-ital marketing?

Are we now going to have more personal ads for our doggies health?

Will Mars know more about our dogs and homes then we do?


14 thoughts on “A Mans Best Friend

  1. Such an interesting post! Looking at the price, I don’t think it quite worth the value of using it. Cause although we could detect a sickness, it doesn’t really prevent us to pay any future medical treatments. Especially, knowing that they will get our data in return which is like killing two birds with one stone for Mars. And this relates to what you said about dog ads, where it’s true that after getting data from consumers, the business can use it for their own marketing research. Which then they will use to create new products and advertisements for our dogs.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more, obviously as technology becomes more advanced it could get a lot cheaper. Exactly, if it provided very early signs then the prices could be reduced, but I doubt its that advanced yet. Yeah, its crazy, they bought the company in 2016 and own both a Fitbit type of collar, and now this more advanced version. They will have all the data needed to get new consumers on board!


  2. Great topic! I’ve never heard of this before. The only reason I would ever get this would be for the ability to tell if my dog was getting sick but honestly you can tell alot of the time when your dog isn’t well-they usually act very different when they don’t feel well. It is also very expensive, and having to pay something every month seems annoying! I know its small but it all adds up over time! I feel like theres lots of businesses targeting dogs/animals because more and more people are “pimping” out their pets, I’ve noticed more and more people are buying their animals clothes etc, and so more and more businesses are opening up that target dogs owners! Its crazy really! They could easily use the data gathered from the collar to advertise more to the owners-say it takes GPS data, then they start targeting ads for places you take your dog on walks past, I can see how Mars could sneakily do that!

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    1. Love the big comment, always insightful! I think dogs are very smart in their ability to show their emotions and pain to their owners; they just stop acting normally! Yes, owners are treating their dogs like children now, as Emily has said in one of her blogs, so it wouldnt surprise me if first time owner feel pressured to purchase something like this. Yes, high traffic area for walkers, and even to understand whats the most comment dog and then potentially put that dog on the front of their packaging. Mars is smart! Thats why we are traveling there! #NASA

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  3. What a creative but also kind of weird idea! I’ve recently heard statistics about how much owners spend on their dogs, so although I wouldn’t spend this much on my pets, I’m sure a lot of people would! Some people are crazy about their dogs! I think it would be a great idea for pet accommodation places to offer these to their customers, so while people are away they can have reassurance that their dog is happy and being well cared for. I’m interested to see where this will lead in the future!!

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    1. Think its a good idea for those owners that work a lot and might miss time with their dogs to know if they are still healthy. It wouldn’t surprise me if its a common thing in the future, given that there will be 25billion devices on the internet of things. It would be interesting to have it for a cat to see how far your cat walks during the spouts of adventure.


  4. An interesting read! I personally don’t have a dog or any pets myself , but I can see people spending that much on their pets or going out of their way just to make sure they stay on top of their dog’s health. It’s interesting how they’ve come up with a new way to market and attract consumers by creating a more innovative and fun way to look after our pets. I’m interested to see how this would affect pet owners in the future, whether they would keep adding features to the collar and as well how other competitors will react to this!

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    1. Yes, people treat there dogs like children, blows my mind! Can imagine this becoming normal once those prices go down a little bit. Yeah maybe our dogs will be able to speak soon haha!! Thanks for the comment!


  5. I agree, I would not be willing to purchase this kind of technology for my dog but people are so invested in their pets I would not be surprised if this was a success! Weird how marketers may even be collecting data to better advertise pet health products, but I guess there is definitely a market for it! Interesting read!

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    1. Defiantly a market there, worth billions and dogs make up of around 52% of that market. I found it odd that Mars was the market leader in all of it! Thanks for commenting 😊!


  6. Definitely too expensive for me – I think they need to reconsider the price if they want consumers to actually purchase it. I mean I am sure there are people out there that would get this for their dog (my sister…) but just how many? It is an interesting idea though, consumers want more information about their own health they are likely to want more about their pets too! Great post 🙂

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    1. What’s more interesting is the lengths markets are going to, in order to find out more about not only us but other companions. The ads that we might receive in the future might include our dogs names. Haha, would your sister really get it?


  7. What an interesting use of technology! I know certain people would definitely splurge on this smart collar for their pet. In terms of its data collection it undoubtedly raises some questions in regards to what Mars will know about our dogs and our homes. Great post!


    1. Mars will know our dogs middle name. Imagine if they were able to listen into what we have to say. Its quite concerning the information they could get their hands on. Thanks eSinni!

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