Microwaved not fried

The days of no hat no play! 2000’s. End of the summer holidays. You’d hop in the car with mum, and drive to the closes sports store, to pick up some new runners/sneakers/kicks/shoes for school. For the sole reason being you had destroyed yours while being outside the whole summer. Wouldn’t read about it.

By the way, this is in the BOA era (Before Overkill Advertising era), you’d rock up and just pick a pair that fitted and felt good and were cheap. The days when no anxiety about the colour or brand existed.

OHHHH how times have changed! We now live in the OA era. A time where our subconscious and conscious mind is subjected to pairs of shoes over 100 times a day, like it or not (when you stroll around at uni and when you scroll your social feed). Scary thought.

However, this digital world has allowed for something. These marketers have us under their thumb.giphy1

They can advertise a product, that they basically made for free or in the cheapest possible way and convince us its better then their last product.

Last year, Adidas created a pair of shoes from virtually nothing but ocean plastic, Adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged. An amazing feat indeed. With upwards of 95% of the shoe made from both recycled material and ocean plastics. Retailing from $150-500 (for a shoe they didn’t have buy materials for).

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.33.13 AM

Now this week, ASICS have released shoes that come with a custom made sole… made in a MICROWAVE. What on earth is going on! But of course, like any good marketing campaign, Asics have created pretty little video.

And it did what it was intended to do, convince me that I needed them. Then I read that its more environmentally friendly and cheaper. OF COURSE it’s cheaper. They have just projected this product in a way, that makes me feel that its in my best interest to buy a more expensive item that is cheaper for them to make. Digital you’ve done it again!

So I thought I’d share how the digital age of marketing has had an effect on me.

What about you? 

Have you ever had a brand convince you to pay more for ultimately buying less?

What digital campaigns have got you over the line?


10 thoughts on “Microwaved not fried

  1. You’ve raised such a great point – I saw the ad for Adidas’ shoes made from recycled plastic and thought HOW is this possible? And then I found myself convincing myself to not buy a pair, the reason I didn’t was because I’m poor, not because the campaign didn’t work for me! I’ve been purchasing skin care products from Go-To Skincare, because I love their digital campaigns through social media, and because they’re cruelty free/all natural products. It’s not the same, but I’m definitely buying their products because I’m drawn to their engaging campaigns, more than I love that they’re all natural (is that bad). Great post!

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    1. I know, the shoes, not only do they look pretty nice, but they were made from plastic at sea! I’d be helping the environment, i tell my inner self that is screaming at me not to buy them! Its crazy how digital marketing has allowed for this. Imagine if this was years ago and we had an ad on TV telling us they have created a show out of rubbish, it would have been the worst thing ever, would have been an uproar!
      Not today – initiative! Its crazy how they can change our perception through a small video and a digital campaign!


  2. I feel like I get convinced by so many brands to buy things that are expensive for me and cheap for them! I think the most common is when its good for the environment. I’m always telling myself its okay because its animal friendly or recycled products etc so its okay to pay a bit more, when really it should be cheaper because it didn’t cost them much to make! I know I saw the adidas shoes and like lozgetsdigital i only didn’t get them because I didn’t have the money! Awesome post yet again! 🙂

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    1. Yes the environment side of it gets us bad these days! How a company hasn’t gone full environment with fashionable shoes yet, i don’t know! imagine, biodegradable shoes! That was a tangent! Seems like today, we consume what they tell us without a thought. Seriously, soles made in the microwave? and we are happy about this? our minds have been re-wired! Thanks for you comment!

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  3. Yeah I definitely have been convinced of this. I think paying a bit more for helping the environment is definitely a way to target a lot of educated people from our generation. For example – Thank You water. I could get Coles brand for 80c or I could pay $1.20 and help build a clean water supply in Mongolia!! It’s an easy choice haha.

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    1. Yes, i love thank you water. Also, tracking where your money goes is an added bonus! Thank you water hasn’t really had a big digital influence that ive noticed though. Smart packaging and ideas have defiantly got them through. Thanks for the comment :)!


  4. This is a really interesting campaign, quite cool really! I think for people who are more concerned with their environmental footprint (pun intended) these kinds of product launches will be successful. Although I agree that sometimes I stop and think about what I am actually paying for a lot of the time? Mostly with cosmetics, because it would cost brands absolutely nothing to produce on such a massive scale but some products are so pricey! But I doesn’t stop me from purchasing them. Great post!

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    1. Hahaha footprint – shoe, got it, like it! Yes, exactly right, they can create things for nothing, with not whole lot of benefit from having the good over something cheaper. The digital age is getting to us, will we wake up soon? Thanks Emily!


  5. That’s so cool that you can microwave a shoe that is the perfect Cinderella fit. I always shop (in-store) but do my online research before going in, and just the other week I saw a Sportsgirl advertised post on Facebook that led to me buying a top. I had to have it. In terms of paying more for buying less well trendy restaurants and cafes do that to me all the time – Japanese food especially. Cool post 🙂

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    1. Yes, didnt think about it like that! haha! Online reviews are making pre-purchase understanding and insight so much easier, so you always know what to expect from a product. Wow, thats interesting, was it worth the buy? Japanese, there is this place near me, which doesn’t over charge and its amazing, feels like I am in Tokyo again, but they dont have a digital marketing plan at all, which is probably why, because no one knows it exist.


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